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Top 5 Scrap Yard Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

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Top 5 Scrap Yard Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

You’ve had your car for many years, but you can no longer put off the inevitable… It’s time to take it to a scrap yard.

You’re hoping that you’ll at least be able to come away from the experience with a little bit of cash in your pocket.

Perhaps you’re heading to a scrap yard so you can buy some replacement parts for your vehicle at a lower price. We know you want a good deal.

Whilst we wish we could say that you’re guaranteed to have an honest and positive experience, you’re not naive enough to think that some disreputable sellers won’t try to take advantage of you.

In this post, we’ll tell you the things that you need to watch out for to avoid being scammed.

Make sure that you read this post so that you can quickly identify the most common tricks untrustworthy scrap car and replacement parts salesmen use.

1. They Try to Avoid the Transfer of Title

If you visit a scrap yard where the dealer claims you don’t need to transfer your car’s registration, then it’s time to run for the hills.

First of all, you need to be aware that, unless you sign the title of the car you’re trying to get rid of over to the dealer, the transaction isn’t going to be legal in any way.

Sometimes, the dealer will try to tell you that they’ll take care of the paperwork on their own, in order to “save you time.” Don’t fall for this.

In the end, all that means is that they can — and will — charge you a fee for storing your car. In some cases, this fee can also come with a notice from a collection agency.

In order to avoid all of this hassle, you’ll need to make sure that you cancel your car’s registration, take off your license plates, and handle the transfer or the title on your own.

2. “You Won’t Get Anything for This Car!”

This is one of the most common scrap yard scams out there.

You take in your car to attempt to sell it, but the dealer takes one look at it and claims that there’s no way you’ll get anything for it.

In other words, they place the value of your car at a big, fat zero.

This is almost never the case unless your car is pretty much completely totalled.

After all, it still has valuable parts in it, right? It still has interiors that could be salvaged, right? It still contains some form of scrap metal, right?

Next, they’ll claim that they’ll “take care of” hauling it away for you without making you pay a fee.

In reality, they’re getting your car for free, selling the scrap metal or parts, and then raking in all of the profits for themselves.

If someone tries to pull this on you, walk away immediately.

3. Reselling Your Old Car

This isn’t just a dishonest scrap yard scam. It’s also a downright dangerous one.

When you head to the scrap cars dealership, you need to make sure that you see a copy of their license. The truth is that, although they might be a little tougher to find, there are honest dealerships out there.

However, one of the worst scams that shady businesses try to pull?

They perform what’s known as “title washing.”

This means that your car that was flooded, in a wreck, or damaged in some way is “freshened up,” and then resold as a used car to an unsuspecting new buyer.

This is completely despicable, and can even lead to injuries and death.

Always read the reviews of a dealership before you decide to work with them. This will help you to have a better chance of learning whether or not you’re dealing with honest people.

4. Not Including the Towing Cost in Your Price

When you get the price for your car, you need to be aware that the cost to the dealer for towing your car to their scrap yard should be included.

Towing is common, so a reputable company will know to expect it.

If they quote you one price, and then try to lessen the offer because of “towing costs?”

Walk away.

5. The Classic Bait and Switch

Of course, when you’re attempting to sell your car to a scrap dealer, it’s important for you to be as accurate and honest as possible in your description.

You may even be asked to send in pictures of your car.

However, if you’re being honest, it’s within your rights to demand the same of the person you’re working with.

Often times, dealers will claim that they’ll be able to offer you a good, even high, price for your car and/or its parts. But then, when they come in with their tow truck?

Suddenly, the price that they initially offered has become much lower.

This is a classic “bait and switch” technique — don’t fall for it. Instead, say you’re no longer interested in selling them the car, and walk away.

Looking for a Trusted Scrap Yard?

Now that you know the most common scrap yard scams to watch out for, you’re ready to sell your car and its parts for a profit.

If you’re on the hunt for replacement parts for your car, you now also know how to find a reputable business that can help you.

Just remember to look out for signs of title washing, ensure that you transfer the title, and stand up for yourself if someone tries to pull a bait and switch on you.

Looking for scrap yard professionals that you can trust?

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