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Top 5 Benefits of Recycling Your Car

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Top 5 Benefits of Car Recycling

Top 5 Benefits of Recycling Your Car

You loved your car. You treated her well. She was there for you through the good times and the bad.

Sadly though, there comes a point when we all have to say ‘sayonara’ to our Subaru or ‘auf wiedersehen’ to our Audi.

You could part exchange, but that has its drawbacks. Car recycling – selling to a motor salvage company- may have more advantages than first meets the eye.

Read on for our guide to the top 5 benefits of recycling your car.

1. Fast Payments

One of the major benefits of selling your car for scrap, that you can’t ignore, is the fact that it’s an immediate transaction.

If you go down the part exchange route, you will have longer wait times as you negotiate for your next vehicle, or wait to take delivery of it.

Alternatively, if you try to sell your car privately, you have to wait for someone to bite, patiently work your way through the ‘tyre-kickers’ to the person who’s actually interested. Then the bargaining game begins.

While some people relish all of this, for most of us it’s just an unnecessary headache. We want to get rid of the car, get some cash and move on with our lives – probably onto buying another vehicle.

If you’re buying your next vehicle privately then fast payments by cheque or straight into your bank account – is going to be a lot more appealing.

2. They’ll Take Anything

Your 1990 Lada Riva might have done you proud, but stick it online and chances are you won’t be fighting potential buyers off your doorstep any time soon.

Even more appealing cars can struggle in part exchange if they’ve suffered over the years from your attempts at parallel parking and dubious shopping trolley control skills. The great thing about car recycling firms is that they don’t care – they’ll take anything.

All you have to do is enter your registration, location and email address and they’ll give you a quote for your old banger.

This opens up car recycling to far more customers than other ways to dispose of your car. Buyers want something they can use, and dealers want something they can sell on. When cars are sold for recycling the focus is different – parts are the key, not the whole car.

3. Good for the Environment

Older cars tend to be more polluting than modern ones.

As drivers in the UK know,  London now levies an additional £10 per day fee on older, highly polluting cars that do not meet ‘Euro 4’ standards. Clearly, getting these older, more polluting cars off the road is great for the environment.

Drivers who scrap their car and go on to use other forms of public transport rather than simply replacing their old car with a more environmentally friendly one, provide the greatest benefit to the environment,

While many won’t choose this course, it’s great to know that your old car’s parts are being put to good use.

When you sell a car for scrap, the vehicle is broken down by the company into its individual, reusable components. These are then added to inventory, and other drivers are able to buy these genuine parts for their vehicles.

This is more environmentally friendly than manufacturing new parts and keeps precious resources in meaningful circulation for longer.

4. Steel is Recycled and Lives On!

Once the reusable components have been stripped out of your old car, there’s still a lot of useful material left to be recycled.

Precious metals will be carefully removed from catalytic converters, toxic petro-chemical liquids will be sent off to recycling plants. But the biggest raw material left over is steel. And this can mean great things for the environment.

Making new steel is a pretty harsh business for the environment. There’s a colossal amount of energy expended in transforming iron ore into steel. There are also lots of byproducts removed from the molten iron that have to be disposed of.

Lots of contaminants are released in the form of air pollution and wastewater. The release of these gasses can contribute to climate change. Also, it’s unpleasant to live close to one of these facilities.

The great news is that steel is one of the most easily recycled materials in the world, and there are many facilities set up to do just that. There’s no drop off in quality when it is recycled, so you can simply melt it down and re-use it for other purposes.

5. Less Goes to Landfill

The UK is facing a serious landfill problem that only looks to be getting worse. Add to this the uncertainty over Brexit and it’s a bleak picture for the future of waste disposal in Britain.

Anything that people can do to reduce the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill helps to keep this situation at bay. Car recycling is a great way to do your bit to support this.

As mentioned earlier, car recycling plants break them down and extract all recyclable components. Only a minimal amount that can’t be recycled has to go to landfill.

When fewer cars go to landfill there are also not as many pollutants released into local eco-systems. All in all, reusing and recycling cars, rather than just dumping them, is a great way to keep the country clean.

The Takeaway: Why Car Recycling is the Way to Go

Hopefully, we have convinced you that it’s not just old newspapers and wine bottles that are good for recycling!

Car recycling is definitely the way to go if your beloved motor has reached the end of its natural life.

You get a quick injection of cash and your car can live on, helping other people to keep theirs on the road. It could even come into your life again, maybe as a toaster or a washing machine!

At Silverlake, we’d be happy to recycle your old car and give it a new life! Click here to get the ball rolling today.