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Become an Automotive God With These Money Saving Tips

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Become great by implementing these money saving automotive tips

Are you ready to become an automotive God?

Ok so you might not actually become a God but you might just be able to keep a few extra pounds in your pocket.

If you own a vehicle, you’ve got a lot on your plate, especially when it comes to expenses.

Any vehicle requires regular maintenance. What’s more, you’ve got to factor in costs for insurance, unexpected accidents, and necessary repairs.

All of these costs can quickly add up! In fact, the average car owner spends nearly 170,000 pounds in their lifetime on car costs.

You can make things easy on your wallet by keeping some solid automotive tips in mind.

In this post, we’ll look at the tips and tricks that can turn you into a vehicle guru, and keep your wallet green.

  1. Drive At the Right Speed

When it comes to money-saving automotive tips, the best ones out there have to do with how you drive your car.

A lot of vehicle owners assume that their car will consume petrol at the same rate, no matter what speed they drive it.

However, there is an optimal petrol-saving speed. In general, driving at 50 – 55 miles per hour (80 -90 kilometres per hour) can increase your petrol performance.

Instead of pushing 60-70, why not set your cruise control to a speed between 50 & 55 mph? you can save several pence per mile by maintaining this lower speed.

  1. Change Your Oil Wisely

As a vehicle owner, you may feel comfortable taking your car in for its oil change every 12,000 miles.

However, you can save hundreds of pounds a year by changing your oil on your own.

Make sure you add this to your list of automotive tips because it’s a game-changer.

A lot of mechanics will tell you to change your oil every 6,000 miles. But check your car’s manual — your car manufacturer may recommend something different.

What’s more, many mechanics will charge at least £50 for an oil change. In some cases, this number can soar up to 200 pounds or higher.

If you purchase your own quality oil filter and suitable oil,  you can cut these numbers in half at least.

If you don’t know how to change your oil, check your user’s manual. Or visit a few online tutorials.

  1. Turn Off the A/C and Your Engine

Air conditioning systems in cars can greatly impact your fuel economy. Save on fuel costs every year by monitoring your A/C use.

We suggest keeping your A/C on at a lower output rather than on full blast during hot months.

Or, cut the A/C entirely and roll down those windows for some cool air!

You may also be in the habit of letting your car idle as you pick up your kids from school or sit in the car for a while. Many vehicle owners spend hours a week idling in traffic.

If you can, turn off your engine during these times. This will dramatically slash your fuel costs annually.

  1. Buy Fuel Wisely

Any list of money-saving automotive tips will talk about petrol.

That’s because petrol is a necessary evil of owning a car. Unless you own an electric car, you need petrol to keep your vehicle running.

Because this is a crucial cost for most vehicle owners, be wise about your spending.

You can shop around to find the lowest petrol prices, for example. There are plenty of apps for that.

If you have a membership at certain stores, you may have access to lower petrol prices, too.

Lastly, you may want to invest in a cash back petrol card of some kind. These cards give you pence back per litre of petrol you purchase.

If you and your family have a lot of vehicles, or if you regularly eat up a bunch of travel miles, consider one of these cash-back cards.

  1. Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure

Your tyres can also influence your vehicle costs. Keeping your tyres at the right pressure can ensure that you are getting maximum performance per litre of fuel.

This is because under or over-inflated tyres can impact your car’s aerodynamics.

In many cases, they can lead to a blown or flat tyre, which immediately leads to repair costs.

Identify your tyres’ ideal pressure by consulting your manual. Then make sure to monitor this pressure throughout the year, keeping in mind that temperature differences can impact tyre pressure.

  1. Check Your Insurance

Are you paying more for insurance than you should be?

You actually have a lot of options when it comes to paying car insurance. Compare prices for a variety of other providers. Then ask each one about special discounts available to you.

For example, you could group insurance plans together if you and your family have multiple vehicles. Some providers will give discounts to student driver.

  1. Know Your Car’s Needs

When it comes to automotive tips, it’s key to take as much of your car’s maintenance into your own hands as you feel you are capable of.

Knowing what your car needs and how to recognize common problems can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s tyre specifications, oil and fluid needs, and battery details. This can minimise the number of times you take your vehicle in for repairs.

Lastly, consider visiting a salvage yard like Silverlake to find cost-effective repair parts for your vehicle.

Automotive Tips for Becoming a Car Rockstar

If you’re ready to feel even more empowered as a vehicle owner, take on these key automotive tips for saving money.

Tackle a lot of your car’s maintenance yourself so that you can slash annual auto costs. Make sure you’re getting the lowest possible insurance cost, be wise with fuel spending, and watch the way you drive.

At the end of the day, knowing your car’s needs can turn you into a vehicle rockstar in no time.

At Silverlake, we pride ourselves on premium auto recycling. If you have a car to scrap today, you can rest assured that you’re getting the cash you deserve for it!

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