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Important Things You Need to Do Before You Scrap Your Car

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Important Things You Need to Do Before You Scrap Your Car

Important Things You Need to Do Before You Scrap Your Car

Believe it or not, your home can be a treasure trove of items ready to sell when you’re strapped for cash.

After all, the average household in the United Kingdom contains items worth a whopping £35,000 pounds. That’s more than the UK’s average annual salary!

Okay, so you may not want to sell everything when you need some quick cash, but it is likely you will be able to find stuff that you don’t use and won’t have issues parting with.

For starters, there’s your old vehicle. Scrap your car, and you might make your wallet a few hundred pounds thicker.

But what exactly goes into vehicle scrapping? Which scrap car parts can you get the most dosh for?

Don’t worry! We’ll answer all these questions and more. So, make sure you keep reading to know the dos (and don’ts) of scrapping your car.

Your Big Question: Scrap My Car or Sell It?

Before you sell your car as scrap, you want to ensure it’s definitely in a “scrappable” state. It’s important to distinguish whether your car is ready for scrapping compared to being ready to sell as is. After all, your goal is to get the most banger for your buck (see what we did there?). Also, keep in mind that every year, more than seven million used vehicles go on sale in the nation.
What we’re saying is you need to consider the state of your vehicle. First, find out the answer to your question, “How much can I get to scrap my car and how much will I get if I sell it?” Checking out used car-buying websites can give you an idea.

If the car is so corroded and rusted through, with most of its parts dead, then scrapping may be the best option. Well, that’s unless you are determined to put the time in to bring it back to life, continue using it, or putting it up for sale in a salvage car auction.

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Scrap Your Car

Once you’ve decided that scrapping your unusable vehicle is the best option, the next step is to start searching for a scrapper. Thankfully, with around two million cars going through scrappage every year, it’s now easier to find a reputable business to relieve you of your car.
A legitimate automobile recycling website will offer you an instant online quote after providing a few essential details. These include your car’s registration number and exact location. Location is important since this will let the scrapper determine how far you are from their facilities (think delivery or collection costs).

This is why Googling “car scrap yards near me” is best so that the search engine finds businesses with the least distance from your car’s parking area.

Scrap the Entire Thing or Only Some of It?

An average of 30,000 parts make up a car. That means you’ve thousands of money-making opportunities.

But that also raises the question of whether you should scrap only parts of your vehicle or the entire thing.

This depends on your automobile’s cause of death. If a professional mechanic has already declared the whole vehicle dead and it doesn’t make financial sense to restore it, then you may want to scrap it whole.

The same is true if there is damage to only a certain part. Of course, you can’t expect to make money from this damaged part. But if it has metal components, then the scrapper may still give you something for it.

So, when should you scrap part-by-part? Well, a good example is if you have plans to repurpose any item, say the glass (windows or windshield) for other DIY projects. Whatever remains that you won’t recycle and reuse, you can scrap.

The bottom line is, your car has thousands of parts you can sell. The role of a scrapper is to take those that you don’t have any use for. So, you end up making cash while you also get to free some valuable space at home!

Get More Value When Scrapping Your Car

Before having a scrapping service relieve you of your car, do your best to find the log book. Not only will this help you protect yourself from unreputable companies reducing what they offer you, it also prevents you from facing penalties and fines from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Pro Tip: Let the DVLA know you’re about to scrap a vehicle. There’s a part in the V5C document (the log book) you need to fill out and send to the DVLA. In return, you’ll get a Certification of Destruction (CoD) that makes the scrapping of your car a legitimate process.

This part of the scrapping process is essential since road taxes and penalties await you if you don’t. Here’s an added incentive: You’ll get a refund for the road tax you didn’t use from the agency.

Make Sure You Deal with a Law-Abiding Automotive Recycler
According to the European Union law, 95% of a car’s materials should undergo recycling. That means you can scrap (for reuse) almost an entire vehicle.

The thing is, you need to make sure your chosen recycling facility has the needed license for automobile scrapping. Check for the Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) license when choosing a business.

These centers have the legal authority to recycle and dispose of scrap cars, as they have the proper equipment for handling hazardous components (think batteries and oil).

Don’t Stop at Your Car

As a final note, we’d like to remind you that the environmental practice of scrapping shouldn’t end with your vehicle. So, after you scrap your car, look at all the other scrap metal-containing items you have at home. These only take up valuable space, so if you don’t have any use for them, consider scrapping them as well.

Think of all those rusting household appliances, kitchenware, and electronics you have stowed away in your garage, attic, or basement. All these have the potential of becoming quick cash.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your green money-making now! Contact us now to find out how much you can make for that banger in your garage.