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Frequently Asked Questions about Scrapping Your Car

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frequently asked questions - scrapping your car

This post is designed to provide quick answers to the most common questions that customers ask Google, based on our 6 year search history. If you have a question we haven’t answered relating to our operations, and would like a more detailed answer, please give us a call on 02380 229999.

FAQ’s – Thinking of Scrapping Your Car?

Can you just turn up at Silverlake to scrap your car? Yes

Can I scrap a car if it wont start? Yes

Can I SORN my car before I scrap it?Yes

Can you scrap a car that’s not in your name?Yes

Do Silverlake scrap on Sundays? No, but you can drop the vehicle to be scrapped in to our yard on a Sunday

Can you scrap a car that wont move?Yes, so long as it can roll onto a truck

Can I buy my car back from Insurance Company?Depends on Insurance Company

Does Silverlake fit window screens?No, but we sub-contract this function out to a trusted partner. Speak to us for details if you need this service

Can I get money for my scrap car?Yes

Can you scrap a car without a number plate?Yes.  

Can you scrap a car engine?Yes

Can you scrap a car that wont move?Yes – provided the vehicle can be accessed by our trucks

Can you scrap a car and keep number plates?Yes, depending on the correct completion of the DVLA paperwork

Can car tyres be recycled?Yes

Can I drive a car to the scrap yard with no tax?No.  It needs to be taxed (and MOT and insurance). Put it on a trailer.

Can I drive a car to the scrap yard without insurance? – No.  It needs to be insured (and MOT’d and taxed). Put it on a trailer.

Can I drive my car to scrap yard without MOT? – No.  It needs to be MOT’d (and taxed and insured). Put it on a trailer.

Can I get a car taken for scrap without a log book?Yes

What is Silverlake’s Email Address?

Can I get money scrapping Car Batteries?No

Can I get my car scrapped without documents? – Yes

Can I scrap my boyfriends car?Yes, with permission

Can I scrap my car if it has hpi on it?As long as finance company are aware then Yes

Can I scrap my car with no wheels? – No

Can I scrap my car without buying a new one? – Yes

Can I SORN my car if selling it for scrap?Yes

Can I transfer my car insurance over to another car before I scrap unwanted car? – Yes

Can somebody scrap my car if they are not the owner?Yes

Can you drive your car to the scrapyard with damaged doors?Depends on the severity of the damage

Can you recycle car rims?Yes

Can you scrap a write-off for money? Yes

Can you still get £100 for scrapping an older car?The scrap value of any car is dependent on it’s weight

Can you strip your car before scrapping it?Depends on what is stripped as this may affect and influence the value given for scrap

Can you take a car to the scrap yard with a clamp on it?Yes

How can i dispose of an old car with no documents?We would need to see your ID. Please give us a ring for more information. Read more from DVLA here

How can I donate my car to charity?Please visit our donation site here

How can I find out how much my car is worth?Please visit our online quote page here

How can I get rid of my car if it is on finance?Please contact your finance company and follow their instructions

How do cars damage the environment?Please read our post on the environmental implications of not scrapping your car properly here

How do I value my car for insurance purposes?We recommend you estimate the value based on its market value.

How do Silverlake make payment for scrap cars?Electronically. No cash/cheque

How do you know if a scrapyard is authorised? – The yard would display the relevant licences and be registered with the ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). Further memberships of the BVSF and MVDA are also recommended.

How to remove petrol from scrapped car?We do NOT recommend attempting this under any circumstances due to your health & safety. We have professional de-pollution equipment that enables us to carry this out safely.

What companies dispose of car anti freeze in the UK?At Silverlake, we de-pollute Anti- Freeze, along with all chemicals from vehicles before they are crushed, ensuring that toxic materials do not enter the environment.

What details are needed to scrap a car?We require to see the ID of who we are paying.

What do I do about car tax when scrapping my vehicle?Notify DVLA who will issue ‘full month’ refunds only

What do I fill in when scrapping my car?Slip (V5C/3) in the log book. However, if we are collecting the car for scrap, our drivers complete all the information and give you back what is yours to keep.

What do I need to do with the logbook when scrapping a car?Get the scrapyard to fill in their details on the yellow ‘selling or transferring your vehicle to a motor trade, insurer or dismantler’ slip (V5C/3) in the log book. Send the V5C/3 to DVLA.  Read more here

When you scrap your car do you need a certificate?No

When will the government announce another car scrappage scheme?We do not know. They may not

Which company is paying the most for collecting cars for scrap metal?Us, of course!

Why is it so hard to get a car valuation without handing over your details?We only ask for your email address on our quote form. We don’t spam either making it super easy to find out the scrap value of your car. If you disagree with our price, we provide additional functionality to send us more  information for a reconsideration.




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