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Why You Should Buy Car Parts From a Breakers Yard

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Why Should You Buy Car Parts From a Breakers Yard

How many times has your vehicle let you down? Something goes wrong and you find yourself in need of a new car or if you’re lucky, just a replacement part, either way every option out there just feels too costly –especially if you own a modern car.

To be honest, buying car parts can prove quite expensive. Looking for affordable car replacements is not easy, but there are better options, both for you and your wallet…

Visiting a Breakers Yard!

Some people find the breakers yard option a cheap alternative, but believe that they will end up with a bunch of problematic parts that they will later struggle to fix. However, we are happy to let you know  this is totally false.

Before we start, lets take a look at five reasons why getting replacement car parts from a salvage yard might be much better for you. Later, we will continue with what you have to look for when you are buying them.

1. A Breakers Yard is Cheaper

First of all, let’s address the obvious here. Used car parts can save tons of money for a simple reason: Brand new parts can be really expensive. Moreover, even repairing your old ones will most likely cost you hundreds of pounds.

A visit to a breakers yard will give you many affordable possibilities compared to buying new ones directly from the manufacturer.

2. More Availability

Let’s take a look at a common scenario. You have purchased the car of your dreams which is no longer in production and becoming rare, old, or an antique. We love those cars! It seemed like a great purchase at the time.

However, the older or the rarer a vehicle is, the more difficult it can be to find the right replacement items. Especially when your car is a classic and no longer in production. A trip to a breakers yard will not disappoint you.

Thankfully, guys over there will make sure you find everything you are looking for, and they will be happy to help you during the repair and restoration process. They share a deep admiration for cars, especially makes and models that are more unusual and not widely available anymore.

3. You Give Back to the Environment

Scrap yards take in, literally, a million of cars yearly to recycle and resell. An unsettling truth is that all these waste materials that make up these vehicles can pose a real threat to the environment.

Oils, fuels, waste… breakers yards in the country are obliged to follow government guidelines and get rid of any hazardous materials and substances that will harm the environment. Same goes for batteries, tyres, and everything else that they store, in accordance with the governmental rules, to be later reused.

So if you are thinking about eco-friendly solutions, a breaker yard will definitely not disappoint you.

You may want to read this article for more details.

4. Better, Personalised Service

Not all people know how to fix their cars. Also, not all people know what is wrong with their cars in the first place. Whether you like it or not, buying directly from your manufacturer, especially after your warranty has expired, is fraught with risks to your budget.

Alternatively, service at a breakers yard is more personalised because you can actually talk about the car problem you are dealing with.

Furthermore, they will not try to sell you the most expensive parts or even additional parts that you don’t need in an attempt to gain more money. Maintaining a good relationship with you is the focus, in the event that you might need them in the future.

5. And, Most Importantly, Faster Service

A manufacturing company has a larger workload to manage. Contacting them about a car replacement means that you have to depend on their schedule and their policies.

For instance, the delivery might be late because no itinerary had been scheduled and also additional fees might apply if you urgently need something. In a breakers yard, you get what you pay for immediately without dealing with call centres and many different departments.

What To Know Before You Buy?

Now you know the benefits of breakers yards and used car items. However, everything comes at a price and you should be cautious when entering this situation.

Let’s take a look at three things you need to know if you want to get the best out of a breakers yard experience.

1. Do Your Research

We stock all our breaker vehicles online so you can see straight away if we are likely to have the part in stock. Researching online can save you some time, although nothing beats the fun of wandering around, checking out the hundreds of cars we have, ready to break in person.

Visit or call us to determine which part best matches your needs and the needs of your wallet. If you are web-savvy, you can always research online and find the best prices out there. Not to boast, but we are confident that you will get back to us soon.

2. Craigslist vs. Breakers Yard

Let’s clarify something. Craigslist is not a breakers yard. Also, most of the time, it is not a good resource. Sellers there often lie about the quality of the product they offer and the amount of time you will spend looking for what you really want will exhaust you.

When you visit our breakers yard, the products you want to purchase are right there, in front of your very own eyes. You can personally check the quality and be reassured that your are getting value for money.

Also, don’t forget that yards are businesses, and just like many, they sometimes have promotional activities taking place giving away extra discounts and offers that you will only benefit from a reputable breakers yard like Silverlake. And don’t forget the refund/replace warranty we offer!

3. Is It a You-Pick or a Full-Service Yard?

There are two types of breakers yards. The first one is full-service yards, which are usually more common, and, second, you-pick yards.

The main difference between these two is that in a full-service yard, someones removes the parts you want from a car and helps you attach them to your vehicle. In a you-pick yard, you are the one who takes the parts off a car and takes care of connecting them to yours. In the second case, you need to bring your own tools.

Make sure you know how each yard works before you visit one. Nobody wants to get down and dirty when they are not prepared. Lucky for you, we offer both options. If you’re visiting our yard, don’t forget to wear closed toe shoes though.


Breakers yards are not the perfect solution for everyone. Some consumers are not as familiar with the “second-hand” approach and there are others who always prefer brand new solutions.

Determine which side you are on and make sure you take a look at our collection for the best car parts at the best available price.