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What Are the Best Used Car Parts to Buy from Scrap Vehicles?

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used car parts at scrap yards

What Are the Best Used Car Parts to Buy from Salvage Vehicles?

According to some reports, the average cost of car repairs has risen by a third in just three years. And according to Green Flag, the average UK driver is spending £574 per year on fixing their car.

Whilst no one loves shelling out hard earned money, cars do bring us a certain level of convenience; Which often means when our beloved friend on four wheels breaks down, we are inclined to pay for the repairs.

But how can we save money when these breakdowns occur? Is there any way to reduce how much we spend?

Turns out, you can save money in a practical way by buying some of the parts you need from a scrap yard. You don’t always want to do this, but a few used car parts make cost effective alternatives.

Read on to see where you can save some money.

Tyred Out Tyres

If you have replaced your tyres ever, you know how expensive they can be. But it doesn’t have to be quite as expensive.

Used tyres, believe it or not, make a viable option. You will need to take a bit of information with you such as the actual tyre sizes, making sure you get the right kind. But if it costs you £120 instead of £350, the time and effort pay off, and you might even find some tyres which are almost new.

On the same subject, if you need new rims, check the scrap yard first. Scrap yards often stock large selections of steel & alloy rims. If you can find one that fits your vehicle, you’ll save big.

Inspect rims carefully before purchasing. Check for corrosion, bends or dings. If they appear to have sustained damage in an accident, do not consider buying them.

Buying Mirrors Used


Broken mirrors tend to be very pricey. Many mirrors now come with electronic controls or other special features. These may include a compass, auto-darkening, and defrosting. Buying new mirrors can burn a quick hole in your wallet, so a used one makes more sense and can save you money.

Used Car Parts Under the Hood

You might be thinking it’s all well and good to purchase tyres and mirrors, but what about the more complex parts of a car which often need replacing?


New batteries can be very expensive, and sometimes old ones die without much warning. Being stuck somewhere in the cold because the car won’t start is never fun.

Why not find a decent battery at a scrap yard instead. Of course, you will want to test it before relying on it, so make sure there is a return policy.

Alternator or Radiator

Here, you must do your research, because if the match isn’t perfect, it won’t fit. However, if you can remove a radiator or alternator yourself, you are sure to save yourself money.

Use caution here. In the case of radiators, you want to know everything you can about the car it came from.

Front end damage often ruins a radiator. But if a car has been totalled because of rear-end damage, its likely the radiator will be left intact.

Gearboxes and Engines

Both of these require specialised tools and an investment of time. But, both of these can be bought used. You will need to think about how you will be transporting the items away as engines and gearboxes tend to be heavy and awkward.

Go Save Some Money

A large number of people are cash sensitive these days. And even if you aren’t, saving a little money never hurt anybody.

When it comes to cars, saving money can mean a difference of hundreds of pounds in your bank. Like many other things, you will need to do some work and research first.

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