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5 Ways That a Visit to a Salvage Yard Can Save You Money on Car Repairs

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Saving money on your car and getting it fixed the proper way. No mending, no partial repairs.

Does that sound like a dream or something too good to be true?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be when you visit a salvage yard. These places allow you to find parts for your car that are in good working condition.

You save money by finding what you need at half the cost, rather than ordering from a company. Read on to learn the benefits of these places, and why you need to start shopping there today.

Do Your Research First Before Heading to a Salvage Yard

When getting parts from a scrap yard, it’s important to research everything you need. Make sure you take down details such as:

  • Make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • What parts need replacing
  • How many parts your car needs

There are other factors to consider when purchasing, such as the age of the part, and if it has been involved in any accidents. Find out what yards are near you, and decide where you plan on going to.

Be aware of the fact you may have to visit several if one doesn’t have everything you need. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll see the benefit in visiting these places.

You have the chance to buy auto parts at half the cost you would from a manufacturer. The quality is usually about the same, and you don’t need to wait for the part to come in for your mechanic to begin work.

Take Advantage of Preventative Maintenance

Although it seems like a hassle at first, preventative maintenance offers many benefits and fewer problems. That’s because if there is an issue with your vehicle, taking care of it while it’s small is usually cheaper.

Common issues that start out as minor repairs include:

  • Changing oil
  • Coolant fluid
  • Spark plugs

On their own, these repairs are simple to make. But if left unattended for too long, they create bigger problems that are costly to repair.

If you’re inclined, do preventative checks every 3 or 6 months, depending on what you are maintaining. Otherwise, take it to a professional, and let them help you with the basics.

Get Estimates for Your Work

When you are repairing your car, you’ll want to find out what the projected costs are. Usually, labour is the most expensive part of an estimate.

Visit a salvage yard, and save money by getting the parts you need as second-hand purchases. This is better than buying them new, and paying for labour in addition.

While you can’t always negotiate the price related to labour, you can find out what other companies would charge you for the same thing. Ask or visit different repair companies, and find out what their estimate is.

Make it clear that you are bringing your own part in. If they tell you this isn’t acceptable, don’t have work performed there.

Be aware of their reputation, and if they complete the job in a manner that is suitable for you.

Learn What to Expect so You Don’t Get a Surprise

When your car has been officially diagnosed with a problem, research and find out what other repairs it could possibly need. Learn about the problem, and if several issues are associated with it.

If you have issues with the gearboxes/transmission, see if your local salvage yard has one. If not consider if it’s best to have the problem fixed, or to simply get a new car.

Research is invaluable when determining what types of issues are affecting your car.

Mechanics don’t always keep folks updated on issues. Because of this, being proactive on car problems and finding the right solutions is crucial.

You can learn about possible problems that your car is exposed to by reading on the experiences of others. Books, forums, and groups for individuals who work on their own cars are a wealth of knowledge that anyone can access.

Do Simple Jobs on Your Own

Although being mechanically inclined is not for everyone, there are plenty of jobs you can do on your own that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. If you get replacement parts from a salvage yard, you’ll save double the amount of money you’d spend.

You can learn how to do simple procedures and upkeep on your car such as:

  • Changing headlights
  • Oil changes
  • Changing out spark plugs

There are many ways you can improve the health of your car and keep it running smoothly when you learn how to do your own maintenance. By acting as the individual who manages your own parts and labour, you’ll have the upper hand on pricing.

The more routine tasks you handle on your own, the better equipped your car will be. This means you’ll have fewer chances of developing problems that resulted from neglect.

Let Us Help

If saving money on your car seems like an impossible dream, know that you have some control over the situation. At our salvage yard, you have the opportunity to find used parts that your car needs.

Contact us and see how we can help you save money today. You’ll no longer have the increased cost of paying for parts, labour, and a rental.

Instead, you’ll have the chance to pick up your part the same day and get started on work right away. Your wallet will thank you, and you won’t be stuck driving around a car that isn’t yours.

See how easy it is to get the parts you need without the wait when you shop with us.