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Scrapping Car Batteries: The Best Ways to Offload a Dead Battery

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Scrapping Car Batteries: The Best Ways to Recycle your Dead Battery

Battery contents are toxic to the environment when not disposed of properly and yet many people toss them anyway. Over half of UK adults admitted to throwing batteries away in a recent poll, urging high street retailers to encourage recycling instead.

Unlike household batteries, lead-acid batteries require certain precautions when recycling them. But you’re making a positive environmental impact by recycling these batteries. Instead of filling landfills, recycled batteries get reused for a purpose.

Do you want to dispose of your old car batteries but you don’t know where to start? We tell you how to safely pack your batteries and where to take them in this detailed guide.

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10 Potential Consequences of Self-Driving Cars

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10 Potential Consequences of Self-Driving Cars

The automobile industry is undergoing major disruption. The rise of electric vehicles and self-driving cars is about to transform our roads.

The government says that by the year 2021, self-driver cars will be on the roads of the UK. The industry is expected to grow from zero to £52 billion by 2035.

However, not everyone is excited about the birth of this new technology. In fact, more than two-fifths of people in the UK say that they are “scared” of the prospect of self-driving vehicles.

From privacy concerns to the cost, there are numerous potential consequences of self-driving vehicles. Let’s check out some below!

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