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What Does PCD Stand For?

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Pitch Circle Diameter

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. It is the diameter of a circle that is used to set the wheel nuts on.

When there are 4 or 6 studs, measuring the PCD is easy. Just measure between opposing nuts, taking the measurements from the center of the nut to the opposite center.

PCD - Pitch Circle Diameter

To calculate the P.C.D. of a five stud wheel or hub, measure from the inside of one hole to the outside of the next hole and multiply by 1.7012.  The picture below shows where to measure from

PCD 5 Stud

Salvage Auction – Top Tips

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…And What To Be Aware Of When Buying From a Salvage Auction

In this ‘Top Tips’ guide, our aim is to navigate you through the myriad ways you might become unstuck when purchasing via our salvage Auctions. At Silverlake, we are committed to providing the best service possible. But sometimes, nothing beats having a quick reference to call upon to make sure you understand how to get the best out of your upcoming salvage auction purchase.

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