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Recruitment – Stores Person

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Recruitment – Stores Person

The Company:

Silverlake Automotive Recycling is a privately owned family business and one of the UK’s leading vehicle recycling yards. We are specialists in vehicle recycling, vehicle dismantling and salvage. We are currently recruiting a professional stores person to join a busy team based at our head office in Shedfield, Southampton.


The job:

  • Cleaning and preparing parts
  • Photographing and imaging
  • Quality control
  • Uploading to in-house systems & websites
  • Stock control
  • Picking sold stock for shipping or collection

The person:

  • Experience of the motor trade and knowledge of vehicle components
  • A track record of a stores \ warehouse background
  • Willingness to learn and drive to push the business forward
  • A passion for delivering high standards of quality control
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Computer literate, with a keen eye for detail and accuracy
  • Positive attitude, good work ethic and willingness to participate in a team
  • Self-control & good listening skills

The benefits:

  • Competitive rates of pay (£17,500 – £20,000 DOE)
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Excellent working environment
  • State-of-the art equipment
  • Being part of a team of dedicated professionals
  • Prospects of career advancement

Applicants must be of 18 years old and above, and authorized to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to

What Does PCD Stand For?

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Pitch Circle Diameter

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. It is the diameter of a circle that is used to set the wheel nuts on.

When there are 4 or 6 studs, measuring the PCD is easy. Just measure between opposing nuts, taking the measurements from the center of the nut to the opposite center.

PCD - Pitch Circle Diameter

To calculate the P.C.D. of a five stud wheel or hub, measure from the inside of one hole to the outside of the next hole and multiply by 1.7012.  The picture below shows where to measure from

PCD 5 Stud

Salvage Auction – Top Tips

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…And What To Be Aware Of When Buying From a Salvage Auction

In this ‘Top Tips’ guide, our aim is to navigate you through the myriad ways you might become unstuck when purchasing via our salvage Auctions. At Silverlake, we are committed to providing the best service possible. But sometimes, nothing beats having a quick reference to call upon to make sure you understand how to get the best out of your upcoming salvage auction purchase.

So here goes, Silverlake’s light hearted top tips guide to buying from a Salvage Auction

1. Know What You Are Buying

An image of a toy truck, not a real truck. Make sure it is what you thought it would be

If you thought you were bidding on a real truck, and then realised you had successfully bid on a toy truck, we can pretty much guarantee you would be miffed! So you might think this is a strange tip because for most people, if you see something you like, say in a boot sale or auction house, you would go take a look at it. You would check out the condition. You would make sure it is what you expected it to be. You would also independently assess what the item is worth, and how much you would be prepared to pay for it.

Well it seems that not everyone is as savvy as you! You would be amazed how many people bid on an auction vehicle, and win, only to find out it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be.

Image showing someone viewing a car in person

Top Tip. Don’t buy a toy truck! Before you consider bidding on anything, check out the goods first, View in person. Don’t be surprised with what you win at auction if you haven’t looked at it beforehand. We welcome all visitors to our salvage yard and encourage all bidders to take a good look at the vehicles first

2. Do Your Research

Image showing a car falsely advertised

We don’t check mileage and we don’t give detailed descriptions of the auction vehicles. It is up to the savvy salvage buyer to undertake DVLA checks, MOT history checks, HPi Checks and to generally satisfy him or herself that the vehicle they are interested in, meets their expectations. MOT history checks are free via the DVLA website. An HPi test costs approximately £3. This is small change compared to the sums that some salvage vehicles can go for.

Top Tip. Do your research. Go online to DVLA and check out the vehicle MOT history. Purchase an HPi check. Know the history of what you are buying

3. Read the Auction Terms & Conditions

terms and conditons image

As a savvy salvage bidder, you already know there are terms and conditions with your salvage bidding activities. These include fees that we process relating to your bid. We also charge for storage for vehicles which have been won by auction but have not been collected.

Top Tip. Read our Terms and Conditions. These outline the terms on which we provide salvage vehicles, and give the conditions you must accept and be bound by, when buying from our salvage auctions. To make it really easy to do this, we’ve added a link to the Silverlake T’s & C’s here

4. Know Where Your Salvage Auction Car Is Located

vehicle locations are important image

Silverlake is part of Salvagemarket, a UK based auction site. The vehicles you view on our salvage auction page include vehicles from other companies which use Salvagemarket auction facilities. What this means to you is, you might be bidding on a vehicle via the Silverlake website, which is actually being stored in a salvage yard in Cheshire.

Salvage auctions work like this. A salvage company based in the North of England will list all their own cars, as well as all the cars of other salvage companies up and down the country. A car that someone living in Cheshire might see locally online, might actually be a Silverlake car. If that customer in Cheshire bids on our car, but thinks it is based at his local salvage yard, he is going to get a shock! Equally, you may be local to Silverlake in Southampton and you might fall in love with an auction vehicle that is on our website. But once you win the bid, you might be surprised to find the car is sitting in our friendly Cheshire Salvage Yard. By the way, we have nothing against Cheshire. It’s just a long way from Southampton.

Top Tip. Our auction website covers the whole of the UK. Make sure you know the location of the vehicle you are bidding on. Read the auction details clearly as it is noted where the vehicle is based. Don’t be surprised to find your successful bid relates to a car which is being auctioned off by a company up in Cheshire.

5. Ask Lots of Questions – Before the Auction Takes Place

image. Ask questions

We are a friendly bunch at Silverlake. We love to answer any ‘Pre-Auction’ bid questions you might have. Nothing makes us happier knowing that you have bought a vehicle which is exactly what you wanted it to be. It makes our life much easier, but more importantly, it makes your life, the customers life much easier.

Top Tip. Ask us questions before you bid. Ring us. Come visit us in person. Message us on Social Media. Send your message via a carrier pigeon. We don’t mind. Just make sure you contact us with your questions before any money is transacted. Thank you!

6. We Dont Test For Road Worthiness. We Only Test For Loading Purposes

cars tested for loading purposes only image

This top tip goes back to Points 1 & 2. Know what you are buying. Research the condition of the vehicle. We only test the vehicles for loading purposes. Our salvage auction cars are not guaranteed to be fit for road worthiness. This might come as a shock to our less than savvy salvage buyer from Cheshire who has won a bid on a Silverlake car, and thinks after getting the National Express Coach down to visit us, he can happily drive his new salvage vehicle back to Cheshire, only to find the wheels fall off and the engine blows up whilst exiting the Silverlake gates!

Top Tip. Our salvage auction cars are only tested for loading purpose, and are not tested to be road worthy. Don’t expect to drive your newly won auction car back to Cheshire. Read the next top tip. It is also relevant

7. Bring In A Suitable Vehicle to Carry Away Your Recently Won Salvage Auction Bid

have suitable transport

This top tip relates back to the previous one. Because we don’t test our salvage auction vehicles for road worthiness, we only test them for loading purposes. What this means is, you will need to transport your recently won bid back to where you will store it, on the back of a flat bed truck, or on tow, or in some other safe fashion which doesn’t cause you to breach the Highways Code.

Top Tip. We have to satisfy ourselves that the way in which you will be transporting your auction vehicle to its destination is done in a safe manner. We can refuse to release any vehicle if you have not proven to have safe means of transport, and we can charge you to store the vehicle until you arrive with something which we deem as safe. We are not being deliberately difficult, we just have a legal duty of care to you the buyer and to other road users affected by your purchase from us.

8. Before You Can Bid, We Must Have Seen Your ID And Activated Your Account


Unless you are able to use an old Jedi mind trick on us, we must see your Identification in order to approve your permission to bid on our auction site. When you sign up for our auctions, you will be required to complete an application form and then email in a photographed image of your Identification. This is manually checked by one of our auction team. If we are not satisfied with the quality or legitimacy of your ID, we will ask you to bring the ID in, in person. You may bring your ID in to show us in person from the outset if you prefer.

Top Tip. Before you can bid, you must have an activated account with us. In order to activate your account, we must do a manual check of your Identification. Identification can be sent to us by email, or brought in to our salvage department in person. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of your account, based on an inability to authenticate your Identification. If you can prove who you are to us, the force will always be on your side.

…And Finally

9. We Put The Fun back in ‘No Refunds’

no refunds grumpy cat

Lets face it, Grumpy Cat doesn’t need an auction refund from us, because, well, he’s just a cat. However, we try and make sure everything goes well for our salvage auction bidders. We draw your attention to our terms and conditions, and we do our best to assist you at every step of the journey. Whether you are casual surfers of our twice weekly auctions (Wednesday & Fridays), or delighted auction purchasers, we have simple and straightforward processes in place that make the whole process of buying salvage vehicles nice and simple. And because you are all such savvy salvage auction bidders anyway, you wouldn’t ever require a refund from us.

Top Tip. Be Awesome! Be a Savvy Salvage Auction Bidder. Know how to get the best bargains for the best price, at the right place. Who needs refunds eh?

Recruitment – Tyre Fitter

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Recruitment – Tyre Fitter

We are currently looking to recruit an experienced tyre fitter to join our professional tyre bay team at our head office in Shedfield, Southampton.

At Silverlake we stock over 1000 new and part worn tyres that can be fitted at either of our head-office in Botley, Southampton or at our town centre shop in Onslow Road, Southampton. With prices starting from as little as £10 + VAT per tyre, which includes FREE fitting, balancing, new valve and disposal of the old tyre, we can can help bring the cost of our customer’s motoring. (Read more about out part worn tyres here.)

Tyre Fitter
Key Duties of the role:
  • Tyre fitting
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Stock Control
  • Steel & Alloy Wheel Preparation
What We Look For In Applicants:
  • Previous tyre fitting experience
  • Technical knowledge of tyres
  • Full UK driving license
  • Enjoys being challenged in a fast paced environment
  • Has a passion for delivering results
  • Enjoys working as part of a team
  • Self-starter with great organisation skills
  • Dependable, reliable and thorough
What we offer:
  • Immediate Start
  • Competitive rates of pay + Bonus
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Full Time & Secure Employment

For insurance reasons applicants must be of 18 years old and above, and authorised to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to

Recruitment – Vehicle Preparation Technican

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Recruitment – Vehicle Preperation Technican

We are currently looking to recruit a new member of our vehicle preparation team at our head office in Shedfield, Southampton.

At Silverlake Automotive Recycling, we hold major contracts with some of the country’s largest vehicle insurance companys. Dealing with everything from insurance write-off’s to stolen recovered vehicles. A large number of these vehicles are allowed to be resold to be repaired and put back on the road and the company does this using our own ‘Online Vehicle Auctions’.

Car Wash Bay
Car Wash

We currently process a minimum of 800 vehicles a month and each vehicle must be cleaned, washed, photographed and prepared for auction. This is done by a dedicated team of professionals who are the heart of the companys operations.

What We Look For In Applicants:

  • Enjoys being challenged in a fast paced environment
  • Has a passion for delivering results
  • Enjoys working as part of a team
  • Self-starter with great organisation skills
  • Dependable, reliable and thorough

What we offer:

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Full Time Employment

Applicants must be of 18 years old and above, and authorised to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to

Recruitment – LGV / HGV Driver Class 1 & 2 (C & E) Recovery/Transporter

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LGV/HGV Driver Class 1 & 2 (C & E) Recovery/Transporter

We are currently looking to recruit an experienced driver with CPC, ideally with either vehicle recovery or transporter experience, to join our team of professional recovery drivers.

A big delivery truck isolated on white background

The Role

The recovery and delivery of vehicles for insurance companies, local authorities and the general public. Working Monday to Friday, and one Saturday in four, with NO nights out. We cover the south coast and M3 corridor into south London.

Successful candidates will be physically active, ability to use smart phones & PDA’s, preferably have a clean license (maximum 3 points) and be over the age of 21 (for insurance reasons).

What We Look For In Applicants:

  • A passion for delivering great customer service
  • Has a track record in recovery or transporter vehicles
  • Enjoys working as part of a team and on their own
  • Self-starter with great organisation skills
  • Compliant, careful, considerate and courteous to other drivers
  • Dependable, reliable and thorough

What we offer:

  • 28 days Holiday (Inc Bank Holidays)
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Full Time Employment

Applicants must be of 21 years old and above, and authorised to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to

Recruitment – Parts Delivery Driver (3.5 Tonne)

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Parts Delivery Driver (3.5 Tonne) – Closed

Due to the high volume of applicants we have now closed the advertisement for this role - 17/03/2016

We are currently looking to recruit an experienced and professional Parts Delivery Driver to work out of our busy our head-office in Shedfield, Southampton, delivering to our customers on the south coast and M3 corridor.

Successful candidates will be physically active, have a track record in multi-drop deliveries, have a clean license and be over the age of 21 (for insurance cover).


What We Look For In Applicants:

  • A passion for delivering great customer service
  • Has a track record in multi-drop deliveries
  • Enjoys working as part of a team and on their own
  • Self-starter with great organisation skills
  • Compliant, careful, considerate and courteous to other drivers
  • Dependable, reliable and thorough


What we offer:

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Full Time Employment

Applicants must be of 21 years old and above, and authorised to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to the closing date is 21st March 2016.

Part Worn Tyres | Buyers Guide

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Do you know the difference between your part worn tyres and your second hand tyres? Do you know your legal from your illegal tread depths? Well don’t worry if you don’t. In this buyers guide, we lift the lid on the part worn Tyre industry by giving answers to commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that hasn’t been answered by our guide, we would love for you to get in touch. Just give us a call on 02380 229999.

What are part worn tyres?

Part Worn Tyre’s is just another way of saying ‘Second Hand Tyre’s’. That’s it. No difference between the two phrases.

What makes a Tyre part worn?

To understand this question fully, it is important to know that for most motor cars in the UK, all brand new car tyres ship with a tread depth of 8mm. The minimum legal requirement in the UK for tyres is a tread depth of no less than 1.6mm. Part worn tyres, are tyres which have been fitted and used by another vehicle, such that the tread depth is less than 8mm. (Although, spare tyres which have never been used, which still have 8mm tread can arguably be called ‘Part Worn’ too.

an image of part worn tyres

What are pre-worn tyres?

Pre-warn tyres is just another way of saying part worn tyres.

How much do tyres that are part worn cost?

The cost of second hand tyres can vary depending on the tyre size and tread depth. At Silverlake, most of our tyres cost between £12 & £43 inc of VAT. Furthermore, our prices include fitting, balancing and disposal of your previous tyres

Are pre-worn tyres safe?

The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 set out minimum safety standards for the supply of part-worn tyres. The regulations state that it is illegal to supply any part-worn tyre that is capable of being fitted to a motor vehicle or trailer unless certain conditions are met regarding specific markings and the general condition of the tyre.

A good article on the safety of these types of tyres can be found here:

At Silverlake, we do not sell any tyres with less than 3mm of tread depth, and in most cases, our second hand tyres have a tread depth of much more than that.

part worn tyres

What does the UK regulations say about buying and selling pre-worn tyres?

Most importantly, tyres must be marked ‘PART WORN’ and any repairs to tyres must comply with British Standards.

To read the full document from trading standards, please visit

Did you know, we buy any car? If you live in the Portsmouth or Southampton region, you can scrap your car with Silverlake. Get an instant online quote today

Are the regulations different in the EU, than in the UK?

Yes. For instance, in Germany, their regulations dictate that when you change a single Tyre, all tyres must be changed at the same time, and all 4 tyres must match, in brand, size and tread depth. In the UK, tyres must be of the same size, but can be from different brands, and have different tread depths.

To find out more about the regulations in the EU, please visit this link:

Are there different types of second hand tyre?

Winter tyres

According to the AA, winter tyres are made and designed to retain flexibility at lower temperatures (lower than 7 degrees), and provide good traction on snow and ice. Winter tyres have a different tread pattern that displaces water, snow and ice more effectively. The compounds that make up the rubber are different, allowing for better adaptability in colder temperatures.Read more about winter tyres at the AA’s website here:

Summer tyres

Summer tyres are designed to perform at their optimum when the temperature is more than 7 degrees. The compounds which make the tyre contain a softer rubber, which provides better traction in dry and wet weather.

All season tyres

All season tyres offer a compromise between winter and summer tyres.

Read more about all season tyres at Goodyears website here

an image showing our part worn tyre stock

Who makes part worn tyres?

Part worn tyres are essentially, any tyre that has been used previously. Therefore,  part worn tyres can come from any tyre manufacturer, The main tyre manufacturers are Pirelli, continental, and goodyear.  If you are looking for a particular brand of tyre, please contact us and we can advise whether we have that brand in stock.

UK Tyres

Europe have different legislation for pre-worn tyres than the uk. For instance Germany require all 4 tyres to be same in terms of tread pattern, brand and tread depth. However in the uk, tyres only have to be more than 1.6mm in tread depth and must be the same tyre size

Do you deal with wholesale part worn tyre suppliers?

No. our tyres come from cars recycled through Silverlakes ‘scrap-my-car’ or we-buy-any-car schemes. Most part worn tyre wholesalers are based in Germany and other continental and eastern European countries. We are unable to give any part worn tyres wholesale prices. If you are interested in bulk buying tyres, try typing ‘buying wholesale tyres from europe’ into Google and check out the results.

Do you sell part worn motorbike tyres?

Yes we do. If you require motorcycle part worn tyres, please call our in on 02380 229999. Speak to Ken. Ken is our motorbike stock guru!

Do you sell part worn track, performance or racing tyres?

No. part worn track tyres, racing tyres and performance tyres are different from normal tyres as they are categorised as non road legal racing tyres (think of F1) which  are not sold by us new or part worn

Are you looking for genuine car parts? With thousands of vehicles breaking at any one time, we are likely to have the car part you need. Give us a call or visit us today

Do you sell run flats?

These are not very common. They are very expensive brand new. Although we do sell them, we don’t sell them that often. Give us a call to discuss this matter further on 02380 229999

What are low profile tyres?

Low profile tyres relate to the width of the tyre wall. Low equals skinny or thinner side walls. In the picture below, the tyre on the left has a lower profile than the tyre on the right – as referenced by the red lines.

low profile tyres

Where can I buy part worn tyres?

We have a team of telesales and front counter staff who can assist you by arranging for your car tyre change in our fully equipped tyre bay. Ring us today on 02380 229999, or pop in to our facilities in Botley, just outside Southampton.

I am looking for part worn tyres near me

Our main yard is in Shedfield which is just outside Botley. We are in close proximity to the M27 and cover the local and wider community. If you live within the SO & PO postcodes, then we are near you!

Are you interested in buying your next car via Salvage Auction? At Silverlake, we sell hundreds of vehicles in our twice weekly auctions.

Do you have second hand car tyres for sale now?

Yes. We stock hundreds of tyres in many varied sizes, for many makes and models of cars. Call us today to check our stock and to book your vehicle in. For more information on our tyres, please visit our Tyre page here

Can I buy part worn tyres online?

Yes you can. Our main website at is an E-Commerce site. If you visit our Tyre page, you can choose the tyres you require and add them to your shopping cart. Completing the sale is easy. Please just follow the prompts.

What is the process for having new tyres fitted.

We have a number of fully functional tyre bays and fitting centers, enabling you to have your tyre fitting done locally to you.

an image of your local tyre bay at silverlake

Here is the process that our tyre guys follow when we replace your car tyres.

We drive the car in to our tyre bay
The car is then jacked up
We take the wheels to be replaced off the vehicle
We get the replacements from our stock
We remove the old tyres from their alloys
We replace the old valves on the alloy with brand new ones
We clean the bead on the wheel with a wire brush
We paint bead sealer around the beads of the alloys which acts as a sealant to prevent air from leaking
We fit the alloy with the new or part worn replacement
We then inflate the tyre to the required legal psi
We balance the wheels

We fit the tyres back to the car
We then dispose of the old tyres

And the car is ready to drive off. All this is done whilst you wait in our comfortable tyre bay waiting area where you can watch television and purchase tea, coffee or soft drinks.

I’m looking for save money. Are you one of the cheapest suppliers locally?

Yes we are, especially when you consider that our prices include free balancing, free new valves and free recycling of your old tyres. The only additional fee is a £1 environmental charge applied to all transactions

Do you sell agricultural tyres, such as part worn tractor tyres?

No. We specialise in car tyres and to a lesser degree van tyres.

What is the difference between car and van tyres?

Van tyres are covered by the same regulations which cover car tyres, but the tyres are commercially rated and designed to stand greater pressures and weights

Do you deliver your tyres?

Yes we deliver tyres to anywhere within the UK. If you would like your order delivered and you live in the UK, please give our telesales team a call on 02380 229999

delivery at silverlake

Where is your tyre bay?

We have local tyre fitters based in Shedfield – which is just outside Botley. Our address is:

Silverlake Yard
Row Ash
Botley Road
SO32 2HL
silverlake yard botley


Which company car would you choose?

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Recruitment – Customer Service Advisor

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Customer Service Advisor

We are currently looking to recruit a professional customer service advisor to join our busy vehicle sales and purchasing team at our head office in Shedfield, Southampton.

The main role of the Customer Service Advisor would be to manage inbound telephone calls, internet enquiries, and walk in customers who wish to buy, sell, or scrap a vehicle.


What We Look For In Applicants:

  • A passion for delivering great customer service
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Computer literate, with a keen eye for detail
  • Positive attitude, and good work ethic
  • Self control & good listening skills

What we offer:

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount

Applicants must be of 18 years old and above, and authorised to work in the UK.

CV’s are to be sent to the closing date is 1st March 2016.