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Journey of a Car Through the Recycling System

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The mechanic has informed you that the cost to replace your gearbox is more than the value of your old car. In addition, it needs a new timing belt, brakes, and new tyres. At this point, it’s just not worth putting more money into it, and it’s time to recycle.

Every year in Britain approximately two million old cars and vans are scrapped. Recycling a vehicle includes many steps that ensure that it is destroyed properly and in an environmentally friendly way. This includes disassembling and using parts for other purposes. This not only helps the environment but can provide you with a small profit.

So how does one go about recycling an old car that is way past its prime? And what happens to it? Let’s have a look.

Environmental Laws

The EU has recently introduced the End of Life Vehicle Directive, which includes strict environmental rules on how cars should be disposed of.

These new rules were designed to combat copper and other metal theft and protect the environment.

Trustworthy Recycling Sites

Under the EU directive, the car manufacturers are responsible for ensuring vehicles are recycled properly. Cars should also be disposed of for free. There are dozens of companies that will come to your home and offer payment for your vehicle. But which ones are reputable?

If they offer to pay you cash, they are not trustworthy. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act, introduced to combat copper metal theft, states that it is illegal for anyone to pay cash for scrap cars.

They should instead offer to pay by cheque or make a payment directly into your bank account. You are required to give proof of identification, such as your driving license or passport.

Feel free to shop around for the best offer, but most trustworthy recycling sites will offer similar ranges.

Scrap dealers are legally required to send your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility that has a license issued by the Environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

This ensures that scrapped vehicles don’t harm the environment and that they are recycled appropriately.

Let the DVLA and Your Insurance Company Know

Once you’ve sold your vehicle, follow the instructions on your V5 ownership document. Then send in the signed part to the DVLA to let them know you no longer own the vehicle.

At this point, you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. You will also receive a Certificate of Destruction from the scrap dealer.

You should also let your insurance company know right away that you’ve recycled the car. However, if you’re purchasing a new car, then there’s no need to let your insurance lapse.

The Recycling Process–First Steps

After a vehicle is sold to a recycling center, the first thing that happens is the manual removal of tyres and car batteries. Next, all fuel, oil and other liquids are safely drained and properly discarded.

The catalytic converters and batteries are removed and recycled.

The airbag system cannot be reused, for safety reason. They are instead triggered and disassembled.

Spare Parts

Many parts of an old car can be reused as spares. Sometimes these pre-used car parts are only stored for reuse if they are in good working condition and there is demand for them in the open market.

Often car engines can be re-manufactured to a brand new standard if that model is in demand.

Most of the time steel car parts, such as gearboxes and engines, are dismantled and shredded. The ferrous metal material that is recovered after dismantling is sent to steel mills for use as ferrous scrap input.

This recycled steel can also be used to make new cars, bicycles, and metal cans.

Remaining Car Compacted and Shredded

The final old car remains are compacted in order to lower transport costs.

Shredders crush the cars and break them down into small pieces. After shredding, the remains are sifted by using magnets. The magnets select out iron, steel, and other ferrous metals from the rest of the shredded material.

The remaining debris is still useful. This material can be used to produce new materials for many different applications.

At one time these materials ended up in landfills. But now, with new recycling technology, this material can be separated and sorted, leaving little to no remains added to landfills.

The final three separated products are hard plastics, fibres, and sand. The hard plastics come from the car dashboard and its other interior components. The fabric comes from the carpets and seat cushions.

The sand is the result of paint particles, glass, and other fine particles.

Uses for Separated Products

There are many uses for the leftover materials. Hard plastics can be used as reducing agents in iron production plants. The granules can be added into molten iron ore to help eliminate oxygen to produce quality iron.

The shredder fibres can be used in sewage treatment plants. These fibres can be added into sewage sludge to help it solidify. The fibres are a good alternative to coal.

Old Car, New Tricks

Recycling a car, van or any other vehicle can benefits you financially, as well as help the environment.

Reusing materials rather than adding to a landfill site is a win-win situation.

Click for more tips on increasing the value of your scrap old car, or contact us for an estimate.

Recruitment – Parts Sales Advisor

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Parts Sales Advisor

Automotive Parts Sales Advisor

We are currently recruiting for 3 professional Automotive Parts Sales Advisors to join a busy team based at our head office in Shedfield, Southampton.

Silverlake Automotive Recycling is one of the UK’s leading vehicle recycling centres, employing over 100 staff. We are specialists in vehicle recycling, vehicle dismantling and salvage repairable vehicles. We are a family run business and were established in 1946, our head office is in Shedfield, Southampton.

The main roles of the parts sales advisor would be to:

  • Answer inbound customer enquiries from phone calls, email or online media sources
  • Server customers who walk in via our full service and self service counters
  • Process orders and take payments
  • Quote on 3rd party online parts search engines

What We Look For In Applicants:

  • A track record from within the motor trade is preferred
  • A track record in sales
  • Willingness to learn and drive to push the business forward
  • A passion for delivering great customer service
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Computer literate, with a keen eye for detail
  • Positive attitude, and good work ethic
  • Self control & good listening skills

What we offer:

  • £18,000 – £21,000 Per Year Basic Starting rate DOE & Shift
  • Bonus Scheme (£35,000 – £46,000 OTE, based on the parts you sell)
  • Pension Scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Job Security
  • Progression

How to Increase the Value of Your Scrap Car

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Need to chuck out an old car before it loses its value?

The average lifespan of a car on the road in the UK is 7.7 years. Even with constant care, sometimes your old vehicle kicks the bucket beyond repair.

No matter what reason, you need to consider your options from this point on. The best option is to scrap your car since you get money if your car won’t start anymore.

If you need to increase your scrap car value, you need to follow these helpful tips.

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7 Tips for Buying Salvage Cars at an Auction

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Finding a good salvage car is like finding a great bargain. Only it’s better since you’ll be able to get salvaged vehicles for a fraction of the price.

It’s a perfect match for those of us who are financially savvy and wanting to find the best deal.

If you’re new to these kinds of auctions, however, finding that bit of treasure can be a little tricky. These are salvage cars, after all, so you need to have a bit of know-how in order to keep from buying something you won’t be happy with.

We’ve collected some tips for you that helps you do just that!

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5 Ways That a Visit to a Salvage Yard Can Save You Money on Car Repairs

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Saving money on your car and getting it fixed the proper way. No mending, no partial repairs.

Does that sound like a dream or something too good to be true?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be when you visit a salvage yard. These places allow you to find parts for your car that are in good working condition.

You save money by finding what you need at half the cost, rather than ordering from a company. Read on to learn the benefits of these places, and why you need to start shopping there today.

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Why You Should Buy Car Parts From a Breakers Yard

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How many times has your vehicle let you down? Something goes wrong and you find yourself in need of a new car or if you’re lucky, just a replacement part, either way every option out there just feels too costly –especially if you own a modern car.

To be honest, buying car parts can prove quite expensive. Looking for affordable car replacements is not easy, but there are better options, both for you and your wallet…

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Guide: How to Scrap Cars and Earn Money

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Do you have an old scrap car just sitting in the driveway at your home?

Have you often thought about what a pain it’s going to be to get it towed away? Well good news, you can make some cash at the same time you recover some valuable room on your property!

Scrap cars are an eyesore, and for many people with property, they have a tendency to sit and pile up because you just aren’t sure how to go about selling them to scrap yards.

In 2016, over 25 million tons of materials were recycled from old vehicles. This makes automobiles the most recycled consumer product in the world. We all want to do our part in recycling!

Why not make some cash at the same time? You might just be surprised at how much!

Step 1. Know Your Scrap Car

Do your homework and find out how much your scrap car weighs. The price of your scrap car is calculated by weight so it’s good to have a general idea of what you should be getting.

When you contact purchasing companies, they will want to know the year, make and model so they can pull up the weight and get a general idea themselves. Make sure you have that information on hand to make the conversation smooth.


Step 2. Find a Local Scrap Dealer

Ask your local mechanics. They should be able to direct you to an ethical scrap car recycling company within your vicinity. There may or may not be a removal cost and it makes sense that the closer they may be to you, the less that cost is going to be. You want to keep the removal cost down to maximize your profit on your scrap car.

Look online for more information about breaker yards you may not know about. These are often in commercial or rural parts of cities that you wouldn’t frequently visit.

Step 3. Contact Them to Ask About Pricing

Check out their website and see if they have an instant quote feature you can use on their site. This should give you an idea of whether you want to move forward with them.

A reputable company will have friendly customer service and be able to answer questions in layman’s terms. Nothing is worse than trying to understand someone who uses jargon leaving you unsure what they are talking about!

If you are not sure about anything specific they may be questioning, you can offer to send them pictures for clarification. Don’t guess, just be straightforward and they will understand and help you determine what they need.

Step 4. Have Your Paperwork in Order

Remove your personal belongings, personalised number plates and any other personal items from the scrap car. You’ll be amazed at what is left in customers cars after they get them scrapped! Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the fuel as this can be incredibly dangerous and must be done using specialised equipment, under specific safety provisions.

Pick ups are done by tow trucks or flatbed lorries and their drivers will be on a busy schedule. Cancel your insurance before they arrive. Tell your insurance representative what you are doing with the vehicle so you have all the documents in order.

Having the paperwork to transfer ownership ready will make the experience a lot less stressful for everyone. Your knowledgeable scrap cars buyer will be able to tell you exactly what they need to transfer ownership to them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you feel confident and prepared.

Step 5. Arrange for Pickup

You are finally on the home stretch, and getting everything set up for the scrap car pickup is really the simple part. Tow trucks are large and sometimes that scrap car is wedged against your house or in a field. Clear the area around your scrap vehicle so they have easy access to it.

Tow trucks try to maintain a schedule but traffic or poor roads can make them run behind. Make sure you aren’t crunched for time on the day of pickup. Have your paperwork on hand to sign over along with any other documents the salvage company needs.

Once your scrap car is gone, you can go check out your newly acquired area and decide whether it is the perfect spot for that garden you have been meaning to start!

Get Ready to Scrap Cars!

If you’re looking for an easy way to scrap cars for money, contact us today at Silverlake Auto Recycling. Our friendly and helpful customer service can answer all your questions and make this process painless.

How to Buy Cheap Auto Parts (That Aren’t Cheap Quality)

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A bargain is only a bargain if you get value out of it.

Running a car can be expensive. But many car owners make the mistake of buying cheap parts in an effort to save some cash.

Unfortunately, that’s the same as throwing money away. The trick when shopping cheap auto parts is to judge cost and quality at the same time.

Below, we’ll go through some ideas about how you can get the best parts for the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Scrapping Your Car

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Since 2011, Silverlake have been using Google to sponsor ads on the search engines. As a result, we are able to see the details of every search term our customers have used, which resulted in our adverts displaying.  From the results, it looks like there are common themes to the questions our customers are asking when thinking of scrapping their car.

This post is designed to provide quick answers to the most common questions based on our 6 year search history. If you would like more detailed answers, please give us a call on 02380 229999.

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